Speaker, Coach, NLP practitioner, Author and creator of the L.A.S.E.R Guided Method, Alex shows the simple steps needed to help people overcome their fears and obliterate stressful thinking patterns. To find the space, clarity and vision to define their own true goals and aspirations.  In doing so there is no space for fear, stress, anxiety, or limiting beliefs, that do their best to hold us back!   Instead, it is up to all of us – as free thinking individuals – to fill our minds with what we want, so that there is no space for what we don’t want! 

But sometimes it’s good to have helping hand to give us a lift… 
From someone who knows how!

Be L.A.S.E.R Guided and become...


When everything is going wrong, who does everyone turn too? The calm one. The reason? because if everyone is in a state of stress, anxiety and panic, how are they supposed to find the answers?!

Become that person. Not only for everyone else, but for yourself! When things are going wrong, do you enjoy being in a state of worry? Or would you rather have a sense of calm, as if the problem had already been solved!

We will go through the secrets to why we see some people who are always able to take problems in their stride and how you can do the same!


Whether you are a parent, a student, CEO of a multinational organisation or all of the above! Confidence is relative to our situation.

Sometimes our confidence can take such a battering, that we can be left with a sense of defeat. This can become a downward spiral of stress and anxiety… Which will do its best to bring you down!  But knowing how to break that cycle is essential and absolutely key to regaining your confidence.

In this course you will learn exactly how to do this…Leaving you with an air of confidence!

In Control

Evolution! That’s why we get stressed! Stress and anxiety comes from a lack of control over a situation. This mechanism is there to keep us safe and alive. But when we we’re evolving, our ancestors problems only lasted for short bursts. So that was okay!

In the modern world however, things will sometimes get out of control and give you a sense of insecurity. It’s okay though. That’s actually what is meant to happen! It is a part of our evolved survival instinct.

The L.A.S.E.R. Guided method will show you how to regain your sense of control and as a result leave you feeling free of stress and anxiety!