Corporate Workshops

As we have all learned, the work place is often a stressful environment. It can become all consuming, which results in the fracturing of work culture. 

Tailored to your requirements, Alex’s workshops are design to create colleague and interdepartmental  cohesion, by the use of the
L.A.S.E.R Guided Method and includes the Tri-Elemental mindstate. This is the formula created by Alex that shows how to do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE… EVER! It is a template that can be applied to work OR personal life. 

Delegates will be sure to go complete the course having learned how to TRANSFORM the way they think about Work… Life… And the bigger picture surrounding it!


Whether it is for one-on-one guidance or group sessions, Alex brings a light and refreshing, but realistic sense of how to work through stressful problems that can hold back individuals, teams, departments and whole organisations. 

The foundation of his coaching is based on taking small steps to achieve huge leaps. With the use of the 
L.A.S.E.R Guided Method and the Tr-Elemental mindstate, Alex will guide you through the murky waters of work and personal life. 

Only YOU as an individual can get genuinely enthused and excited about your life, work, goals and aspirations. Alex will show you how to put the right elements in place, to make that happen!