The Wellness Warrior!

Teaching people how to time travel! Well… at least in their minds, by seeing the future as they want it to be.

Alex began his career as a Royal Marines Commando and after leaving, he entered the high stress world of the corporate rat race and then went on to run his own business. He has fought his way through some of the toughest challenges that life could throw at him, learned how to deal with
EVERY level of stress and come through smiling (and still in one piece!)

He is now leading the charge to beat stress, help people define their own true purpose and to blaze their own path.

Alex’s mission is to give people the tools, to start living life on their terms and to blaze their own path in life to achieve happiness, peace and fulfilment.

Alex is a coach, an NLP practitioner, speaker, vlogger and author on the subject of stress, and has developed a step by step program on how to obliterate stress from our lives.

But most importantly, Alex is just a normal person, who reaches out to
everyone…  and shows how anyone can become exceptional. One step at a time.